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Meet The Trainers

Gracienne Jean-Pierre
Gracienne Jean-Pierre

Gracienne helps clients who are struggling with health challenges. She helps clients changing the trajectory of their health conditions and finding renewed wellness.

As a Wellness Coach and Lifestyle & Integrative Medicine Consultant, Gracienne helps those struggling with chronic conditions succeed in their desire to become healthier.

Part of her work with her clients focuses on the connection between illnesses and emotions. She supports her clients in releasing that energy so, in turn, they can heal minds, bodies, and souls.

Suchita Sanjay is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach following Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her passion and drive to see people around her happy and healthy led her to the path of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Her 1:1 sessions have made her clients overcome anxiety, stress, depression, some health issues and suicidal tendencies. They have improved their focus and concentration and have successfully overcome their limitations. They have developed good self-esteem, confidence and self-belief.

The problems associated with lifestyle, eating, and weight have also been addressed through RTT. Suchita has helped more than 200 clients from across the globe to lead a healthy and happy life.
She has also introduced wealth wiring and abundance mindset sessions which have helped my clients to progress in their lives and empower themselves.

Suchita Sanjay
Suchita Sanjay

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