Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine Consulting

Personalized wellness to improve health and quality of life.

The goal of JP Health and Wellness is to find the root cause of your condition, and create a personalized self-care plan that you can implement and sustain.


Integrative lifestyle changes have helped my clients over the last 26 years survive and thrive with their chronic diseases and health challenges. While working together, we use a whole body and mind approach to figure out what is prohibiting your healing, and heal it at the source with integrative medicine.


Find the best plan of action for you with a consultation or wellness coaching services!

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Get Started By Booking A Consultation

Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine Consultation

Our Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine consult consists of a very detailed discussion of your past medical history, current medical issues and desired outcomes. For an individualized, whole-body approach to care, I take into consideration many factors that influence your health and wellness, like nutrition, sleep, environment, resiliency, relationships, spirituality and movement. A consultation gives you access to:

  • A complete genetic analysis (DNA-based) to evaluate diet, lifestyle, exercise, cardiovascular and mental-emotional markers of health
  • Recommendations and assistance in choosing how to integrate complementary therapies and treatments into your life
  • An individualized 3 month lifestyle medicine plan to help you move forward and manage your health challenges
  • Continuing education and strategies to help balance your health and wellness

I do not diagnose or replace your primary care provider. As a Lifestyle and Integrative Consultant, I work with all members of your health care team and can offer a personalized set of recommendations that you and your primary care physician can implement together.

Your 90 minute initial consult also includes...

a 1 hour follow up to review health findings and recommendations, as well as a 3 month check in to review your progress.

A consultation is offered virtually or face to face at locations around Charlotte, NC.